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Gain access to real time property searches in your area without having to interact with a real estate agent.

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By law, only licensed agents can provide access to listed properties. Our licensed "Access Agents" are trained to avoid any pressure tactics - they simply open the door!

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You need intelligent representation when it comes to making offers and sealing the deal. We've got you covered!

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Enjoy an unbiased education on buying and financing a home with our online consumer training course. It's free, and you'll earn a $20 Gift card for passing the final exam.

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Call our toll-free number for free advice on how to shop for and get the best deal on your next home - no strings attached!

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We don't require anything from you. Our mission is to prepare and equip you for an excellent home purchase experience.

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"We enjoyed our home purchase experience so much more this time because we felt like we were in the driver's seat - and our navigator did an excellent job of getting us safely home!" - Jim Spicoli, homebuyer 2017.

"It was our first time buying a home so we didn't know what we didn't know. The agent we worked with stayed in the background long enough for us to learn how much we needed her expertise - everything went great from that point forward!" - Sue Miller, home buyer 2017

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No Up-Front Fees

No Up-Front Fees

No Up-Front Fees

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