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Four Loan Fee Forms

By Todd Bowser | Apr 8, 2018

(This is a great starting point for someone considering a home purchase. Whether buying for the first time or a seasoned veteran, you’ll gain insight into how to truly get the best loan fees and interest rate on your home loan.) – Todd Bowser, Author Getting the best deal on your home mortgage takes more…

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Right For Me?

By Todd Bowser | Feb 8, 2018

As interest rates rise, the spread between fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate loans (ARM’s) usually widens. This means that choosing an ARM can save you in the short term, making the early years of owning your new home more enjoyable. Article Under Construction

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Rising Rates? Here’s the Scoop.

By Todd Bowser | Feb 8, 2018

Rising interest rates can cause anxiety if you’re considering buying a new home. Mortgage Rates have been in the 3’s for so long that anything in the 4’s just doesn’t sound like a good deal. But current rates are still a great deal considering that “normal” interest rates are anywhere from 5.5% to 8%! Are…

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