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Why Membership?

Membership in The Agent Foundry provides access to a community of real estate professionals that are joined for one common purpose;  to discover and develop our individually unique model for success.

You'll find the resources and support you need to flourish in your work, at your pace - whether you're a top agent, just starting in real estate, or looking for a support position in the industry. Benefits include:

  • Access to professional assessments and business planning tools and workshops at no additional fee.
  • Access to business development resources and support
  • Webinars and live round table discussions
  • Community networking events
  • Leads from our consumer-facing educational platform
  • Recruit agents from our pre-license business training classes
  • Technology updates

Memberships are offered based on participation. Fees are one-time with no renewals or other requirements.

If you have any questions or would like more information before joining, please call 800-640-3050, or email us at




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