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The Agent Foundry is a collaborative environment where professionals refine their individual talents to fuel business and personal success.

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1 - Find Your Focus

with Agent Analytics


Improve contentment and performance by building a plan that plays to your strengths.

Showing Property
Market Research


Reduce frustration and burnout by applying technology and delegating "cold-zone" responsibilities.

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2 - Develop Your Business Plan

with support from a Certified Executive Consultant

3 - Bridge The Gaps

with Foundry Support Services

Inside Sales Agents
Marketing and Social Media
Concise Coaching®
Virtual Assistants
PC Support
Graphic Design
Inside Sales Agents

If you aren't in the habit of calling dozens of people on the phone every day to stimulate business in your base, you may want to consider hiring one of our professional sales assistants.

Inside Sales Advisors at The Agent Foundry are skilled and motivated salespeople whose goals are focused on sifting through leads and nurturing home buyers and sellers until they are ready to work with an agent.

Our ISA's compete against each other to see how many customers they can bring to our member agents. The return on investment averages over 500% and you don't have to train, manage or house them in your space.

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Marketing and Social Media

The goal for many agents is to be working directly with clients as much as possible, and as marketing efforts succeed, clients show up. Inevitably, as business improves, marketing efforts decline which sets up the conditions for slower business in the future. This cycle repeats itself and frustrates growth in what would otherwise become a thriving business.

When you use our Marketing Specialists, you tap into a consistent, professional approach to engaging your audience and create a steady flow of client interest.

Meet the Executive Team

Concise Coaching®

Every agent is uniquely suited for success. Concise Coaching® is our way of keeping you on course toward your most abundant future. Far more than accountability, our program uses your specific trait profile to develop a plan for both managing and permanently changing underlying tendencies.

Your Foundry Coach will work in tandem with your Business Planner to make sure you are exercising best practices to reach your goals while maintaining a high level of contentment.

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Virtual Assistants

Hiring a full-time assistant is a big step for most agents. Using temporary services is a good alternative but getting set up can be difficult and time consuming.
We offer these services along with support that will ease the process and help you do more of what you do best - sell real estate!

PC Support

Your PC is your business brain. If it isn't working correctly, neither can you. Our PC Technicians specialize in keeping agents busy selling real estate, not struggling with a slow computer or poorly integrated systems.

Graphic Design

The way you represent your brand in print and online is critical to developing and maintaining your image. Having dedicated graphics support will keep the marketing materials flowing smoothly, increase exposure, and bring new clients.
From business and post-cards to your image on social media - look like the professional you are by using a Foundry-sponsored Graphic Designer.

We connect real estate agents with resources and support that ignite and fuel their specific potential for success.


AF Certified

Become a Certified High-Value AdvisorTM

Connect with dedicated support for your growing business. Our certification program immerses the agent in a business development mindset that creates awareness and promotes high efficiency.  Our instructors cater to the specific needs of real estate agents at their current stage of success. Use the form above to request a free one-on-one consultation with a Certified Executive Consultant!

real estate vendors

An army of tech companies are invading the real estate industry! You can learn how to use these advancing technologies to serve your clients without losing large chunks of your commission.

Develop the Right Tech/Human Balance!

Join the Agent Foundry and gain access to one-on-one relationships with real estate business developers who will help you build the right toolbox to define and promote your value!

Are you running a business?

Or is your business running you? With our support, you'll be free to do what you do best. You can look forward to more income AND more peace of mind.

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